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6 Ways Coconut Oil Will Help Your Hair

If you’re apart of the natural hair community, one of the holy grail products in almost everyone’s closet is coconut oil. Though it’s a go-to amongst many and joining the bandwagon in using it is definitely a good decision, it’s also beneficial to you to know why using coconut oil or coconut-based products is productive for your hair. And more specifically, how each one of the products from our Coconut Crème Collection can help get your hair in the state that it desires to be.

It will help alleviate dryness, breakage, and damage.

Everyone has or will experience a time where their natural tresses are not where they should be. Whether it’s due to dryness, excessive breakage or damage, it can feel a bit daunting to get your hair back on track. By using a coconut recipe product though, things might get easier. Not only does it reduce the loss of protein for your hair — which will help keep the above at bay — but it also has antibacterial properties and nutrients to protect the hair and scalp.

Add moisture.

It’s no secret that every hair type feeds off of moisture, so if your products are not adding that to your hair, you may want to reconsider having them in your routine. Fortunately, coconut based products are known for adding moisture to your hair. Retaining moisture and conditioning your tresses from within, coconut based products are ideal for those who may need a bit more moisture throughout the day.

If this is you, our Butter Crème — Intensive Moisture Sealant is a good product to have on standby for your weekly wash routines.

Refresh overprocessed hair.

Does your hair need a serious boost to get it back on track? Adding in a coconut-infused product to your lineup can definitely help. Our Coco Repair — Deep Conditioner is great for improving the look and feel of your hair no matter what the cause of the damage is.

Eliminate frizz and tame your curls.

You probably know this by now, but if you didn’t, coconut oil is a great fighter of frizz. Its natural anti-humectant properties can help your hair fight humidity and stay at its best — even when it feels like it’s doomed to frizz up.

Need an extra hold for your look? Give our Curl Boss — Coconut Curling Gelée a try!

It slows down hair loss.

Coconut oil has been known for making the hair cuticle stronger, which ultimately helps the hair to avoid damage. It is high in lauric acid and high in protein. And when your hair is stronger, hair loss can be prevented or decreased.

Eliminates dandruff.

Have an annoying dandruff problem? Coconut recipes can help with that. Using coconut oil or coconut milk as a scalp conditioner can calm itching, help stimulate hair growth, and eliminate dandruff through its anti-inflammatory effects. Try using the Coco Wash — Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser for this.

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