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How To Get the Best Bantu Knots Every Time

Whether you’ve been rocking your natural hair for years or are just looking for a good style to wear during your transitional period, bantu knots have become a go-to for everyone. Though they seem like a super easy style to nail on the first try, if you don’t know the right technique or aren’t equipped with the right products to help deliver the look, you’ll end up with a disappointing outcome. Since we know all too well how frustrating it can be to work so hard on a style only to be left with nothing to show, we’ve compiled an easy guide to achieving the best bantu knots every time. And, it won’t take you long to get it done.

Start on freshly washed hair and gather your products.

Just like with any style, bantu knots will deliver the best results on freshly washed and conditioned hair. You can also opt to co-wash with our Purify Me — Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser if your hair isn’t in need of a full wash. You’ll also need the Quench — Moisture Intensive Leave-In, the SLICKED! Flexible Styling Glue, bobby pins, a spray bottle with water for each section, and a comb to help create your sections.

Section your hair and be sure to properly detangle.

Using your comb or fingers, part your hair in the desired sized sections beginning in the back of your head. Spray that section with water, apply your leave-in conditioner to help detangle, and comb out. After your hair is free of knots, apply your desired amount of SLICKED! to the section to ensure each bantu knot lays down correctly.

Twist each section, wrap into a knot, and secure it.

Begin tightly twisting your hair at the root and take it all the way down to the end, ensuring that every strand is accounted for in your twist. If your hair is dry, be sure to apply more leave-in or a small amount of the Butter Creme — Intensive Moisture Sealant to keep it moisturized. Then, twist your hair the opposite way into a knot or small bun. Be sure to avoid doing this too tightly so you don’t cause your scalp to hurt afterwards or too loosely so that it doesn’t come undone easily. Secure each knot with a bobby pin.

Get creative with accessories and show off your look.

Add strings, yarn, elastic bands, hair cuffs, or any type of jewels you like to take the knots a step further. Or, if you prefer the look it presents without all the extra glam, you’re officially ready to go. Don’t forget to lay those edges in place before you head out though!

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