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4 Reasons Why You Need to Pre-Poo

4 Reasons Why You Need to Pre-Poo

If you’re apart of the natural hair community, it’s quite likely that you’ve heard the term “pre-poo.” And while there are plenty of us who use the pre-shampoo treatment on our wash days, there are even more of us who have no idea just why it’s beneficial. And while there are many pre-poos on the market, our Balance Grapeseed & Avocado Natural Growth Oil can help both improve your hair’s porosity and establish a better moisture balance.

So whether you’re just being introduced to the concept of pre-pooing or have only heard about it, here are four reasons why you need to pre-pooing to your regiment as soon as possible.

It helps to detangle.

With all the steps that it takes to handle natural hair, It’s no secret that wash day can sometimes be dreadful. So if you’re one of the many people who have had trouble detangling your hair in the past, using a pre-poo treatment can help solve that problem for you. Not only does it give your hair the slip that it needs to combat the knots and tangles, it can also help prevent you from losing more hair than necessary.

Retaining moisture is a huge benefit.

It’s true that pre-pooing can alleviate tangles prior to washing, but another great benefit of the wash day step is that it helps your hair to retain massive amounts of moisture. Naturalistas everywhere can attest to the struggle of keeping our hair moisturized and with adding pre-pooing into your routine, your hair will get the moisture that it needs as well as prep your scalp for your shampoo.

It can restore the oils that are stripped.

Regardless if you’re washing your hair once a week or once every two weeks, shampooing can be harsh on your curls, coils, or kinks. Not only can your shampoo strip the needed oils from your strands, but the products you use can do that, too. By using a pre-poo treatment, however, you can help restore those oils and protect your hair follicles. And in turn, provide you with the shiny, soft, and healthy curls you’ve been craving.

Your hair will become easier to manage and get prepared for the shampoo process.

Since pre-pooing helps detangle your hair, it should be a no brainer that it becomes easier for your to manage it. Additionally, pre-pooing makes your hair softer than before, which adds to it being easier to manage. When your hair is easier to manage, it decreases the amount of breakage and when there’s little breakage, the health of your hair flourishes!

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