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7 tips for helping your little naturalist flourish

7 tips for helping your little naturalist flourish

Curly cuties need love no matter their age and we’ve got the remedy to give you just that. Here are seven tips to help your little naturalist flourish every day and every way.

Keep their hair moisturized.

Whether under the age of five or heading into their pre-teen era, packing on the moisture is an important part to keeping their hair as healthy and as strong as possible. From playing outside to keeping their own hands in their heads, your child’s hair takes on more wear and tear than yours probably does. Be sure to keep their hair moisturized and seal it in with an oil like the Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil.

Stay updated on cool and cute protective styles.

Low manipulation styles such as braids and twists can truly be a saving grace for the mom or dad that is always on the go, so staying in tune with what’s cool, cute, and easy to do is a great way to help your child flourish. Not to mention, these types of low manipulation styles can also protect their hair from the elements, becoming damaged, and give you the break you so desperately need from styling their hair so often. And even while their hair is in the protective style of choice, be sure to moisturize (try our E-Blast Vitamin E & Flaxseed Nourishing Scalp Therapy) and put a time limit (no more than two weeks) on the style. Our Baby Girl Curls Curling & Twisting Custard is a great product to use for any of these styles.

Trim regularly.

Although it’s instilled in our minds to get regular trims for our adult hair, doing the same for children is often skipped over. But just as trimming your own hair can prevent breakage and split ends, its purpose is exactly the same for children. Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to retain your mini-naturalists length, trimming regularly can be a help with that.

Properly detangle.

It may sound like a myth, but there is a way to detangle your child’s hair without adding all of the tears. After applying our Knot Havin’ It Leave-In Ultimate Detangling Moisturizer, comb your child’s hair from ends to root gently and slowly with a wide tooth comb. Do your best to avoid pulling through the tangles and remember that a little goes a long way!

Don’t forget to deep condition.

Adding a deep conditioner to your wash day routine isn’t just something that you should do for yourself. You should actually be doing it for your little one, too. Deep conditioning your child’s hair will help restore the natural shine, promote elasticity, revive the missing moisture and so much more. Try using our Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner and wrapping your child’s hair in a plastic cap for 15 to 20 minutes to achieve your desired result.

And, remember that satin and silk are good for their hair, too.

Though it be a little trouble to get your little in the habit of wearing a scarf or bonnet on their hair at night, an alternative (or additive to that) would be to have them sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Not only will this help their little heads to retain moisture, but it will also help to prevent their hair from breaking and encountering split ends.

Make it fun.

Wash day can be a drag if you let it, so be sure to have as much fun as you can with your little one! Through teaching them about them their hair and reminding them how special and unique their curls are, you’ll fall in love with the process in no time.

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