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4 Heatless Tricks to Add Volume to your Flat Hair

If you’re the type of natural that prefers big hair, then it can sometimes be disappointing to try out a new style and see that your hair produces flattened results. Likewise, this same feeling can occur if you’re working with day two or beyond hair. Although flat hair isn’t completely avoidable, having the right bedtime routine, along with choosing the right styles and tools, can help with keeping or achieving the volume you require for your hair.

Here are four heatless and proven ways to add a little umph to your mane.

Try a twist out or braid out.

Twist outs and braid outs are probably some of the most frequented styles in the natural community and rightfully so. Not only are they easy to do, but they produce beautiful results, too. Each of these styles will also give you some added volume — if that’s what you’re looking for. But, you’ll want to ensure that your hair is completely dry before taking it down so as to not produce massive frizz.

Use flexi rods.

If flexi rods aren’t in your style routine, then you definitely want to give them a try. Although there are a few different rolling techniques that you can use, each one of them will leave with you a head full of beautiful, voluminous curls. Just remember though: if you’ve created your style on wet hair, be sure to let your entire head dry before you take your rods out. And, be sure to add some oil — any of the combinations from our Natural Growth Oil Blends line will do — to your fingers before separating your curls.

Lift from the root.

When using your pick after you style or diffuse, be sure to lift from the root to achieve the volume that your hair deserves. Just be sure that you don’t pick too much or you’ll end up with frizzy hair.

Use rollers or perm rods.

The size of the rollers or perm rods are totally up to you, but if you’re looking to make your mane voluminous, this could be a great option. Not only will you walk away with the big hair you’ve been dying for, you’ll also have luscious curls to match. But, just like when styling with the flexi rods, be sure to let your hair dry completely before removing and use oil on your hands to separate your curls. And, don’t forget to try our Frizz Patrol — Anti-Poof Twist & Curl Setting Mousse to help achieve these styles.

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